What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is tool that can be used in conjunction with psychotherapy to help you achieve certain agreed upon goals. In hypnotherapy you are guided into a very relaxed state, also known as a trance, and then given suggestions to help

you reach your goals. Unlike stage hypnosis, in clinical hypnotherapy you are always in control, can come out of it any time you choose, and would never do anything that you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Going into a trance is something we are all familiar with and have done many times. Think of being so absorbed in a book, TV show or movie that you don’t hear the phone ring; or driving somewhere you go to everyday and suddenly realizing you’re there without really having paid attention to the route, yet if someone honked their horn you’d be totally alert. These are all examples of what it feels like to go in and out of trance.

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