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My Philosophy of Treatment

My experience has guided me towards using a holistic approach to therapy. I have seen first hand the connection between mind, body, and soul.  When people feel poorly they tend to neglect every aspect of self-care leading to a vicious cycle of:  “the worse you feel-the worse you take care of yourself-the worse you feel”. So working psychologically must also address taking care of your physical body. Healing psychological and physical pains will translate into food for your soul and a general feeling of well being.

I take an eclectic approach to therapy combining psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, relationship-oriented, and hypnotherapy all tailored to fit your individual needs, goals and temperament. Every therapist has their own style of working with their clients, so finding the right fit is the most important aspect of choosing your therapist. My style is gentle, supportive, challenging and highly interactive.  I have found that while the process of therapy is serious business using a sense of humor at times can help make changing easier, exciting, energizing, and even fun at times.
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Relationship Counseling, Huntington,NY