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You have just taken a step towards self-growth. If you are visiting my website you’re at the very beginning of the process of exploration and change.

I know that the idea of starting therapy is both exciting and frightening. Whether you’ve been in therapy before, or if this is the first time you’re considering it, it’s a brave and bold move on your part and I’d like to acknowledge that right from the start. I believe that the most courageous and healthiest people are the ones who at some point seek out therapy. They just don’t realize their strengths yet.

As a results-oriented therapist, I believe that each person has their own inner wisdom to guide them toward a better future. I see my role as being a facilitator; helping you to tune into that inner wisdom, to use it to make new discoveries, and to develop new tools that will help lead you to your best life.

Simply put, the goal of therapy is always to improve the quality of your life. My job is to help you to become more self-assured and more empowered; to help you make the changes you want to make in order to live a life you love, a life worth living.